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Updating the SAN Standard revision process

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is working on the revision of its Standards for Sustainable Agriculture and as part of the transparency that characterizes the organization, it updates you about the process.

The current SAN standard revision initiated in 2013 with a first round of public consultation and will be prolonged until autumn 2015. After two standard drafts, our technical teams are revising the inputs from the January/February 2014 second round of public consultation. Its consolidated elements will be fitted in the new standard framework as approved by the SAN board of directors last April.

Our commitment is that the 3rd draft and final version will be more concise, focused on achieving impacts with performance indicators, a balanced cost-benefit ratio for producers, and easier to apply, audit and communicate.

According to SAN’s Standards and Policy Director, Oliver Bach, “SAN wants to make the maximum out of the current standard revision process and make sure its next generation 2015 standards will create even more impact for biodiversity and natural resource conservation, farm productivity, profitability, worker’s family wellbeing and producer livelihoods with less burdensome requirements.”

“SAN standards currently cover 86 agriculture products and cattle production systems in 43 countries. We are strengthening our technical governance and enhancing our committee teams with more experts. Additionally, our standards will be field tested once again and consulted with key stakeholders in early 2015,” added Bach.

SAN welcomes two new partners in Europe and Africa

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) welcomes two new partners: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and Centre d' Etudes, Formation, Conseils et Audits (Center of Studies, Training, Consulting and Audit (CEFCA ).

The incorporation of these organizations strengthens the presence of SAN in key areas for the worldwide promotion of sustainable agriculture through the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal.

CEFCA’s work in Ivory Coast, and the RSPB’s in the UK and the tropics, are consistent with SAN’s vision to promote productive and efficient agricultural systems, biodiversity conservation and sustainable human development.

CEFCA is a non-governmental organization based in Ivory Coast, created in 2010; its main objective is to contribute to sustainable development and help in the welfare of rural communities.

The Director of CEFCA, Melanie Bayo, explained that instructors and consultants of the organization are working primarily with cocoa and coffee in order “to preserve biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods by transforming soil management practices".