Applying for Accreditation

For over two decades, the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) has collaborated with committed conservation partners in order to develop the Standard for Sustainable Agriculture, and ensure its rigorous and consistent application as the technical foundation for SAN/Rainforest Alliance certification. As demand for SAN/Rainforest Alliance certification has grown, so has the need to expand certification service capacity. To meet this need, additional certification bodies are invited to join the system through compliance with the requirements set forth in the SAN/Rainforest Alliance accreditation program.  

The SAN and Rainforest Alliance are committed to ensuring that the certification system’s integrity, quality, and credibility are upheld as it grows.  To achieve these objectives, we seek certification bodies that are aligned with the mission of the SAN in addition to demonstrating a high level of technical and operational capacity to conduct the work effectively and efficiently.  We will build a community of certification bodies that not only have the technical capabilities to execute SAN/Rainforest Alliance auditing and certification, but also share our conservation mission, our vision and passion for sustainable agriculture, and our commitment to improving the livelihoods of rural communities around the world.

How to become an accredited certification body:

Certification bodies that wish to become accredited in order to be able to issue certificates to farms, farmer groups and chain of custody operations, must be prepared to meet SAN accreditation requirements and should be confident that their capacity, qualifications and competence would enable them to offer high quality certification services according to the SAN standards and policies.

We are currently assessing our overall assurance model and not receiving new applications from certification bodies. Certification bodies interested in accreditation may send their expressions of interest to the SAN Secretariat and we will respond to you once the review process has been concluded.

The application for accreditation includes an pre-evaluation with the SAN Secretariat followed by the successful completion of the accreditation process with the SAN´s accreditation body.   

Steps to accreditation:

  1. Receive SAN application packet: If you are interested in becoming accredited, please send an email to You will receive a materials packet including all requirement documents and the Certification Body Application Form.
  2. Complete the SAN pre-evaluation process for certification bodies which includes the submission of an application form and supporting documentation to SAN. This is followed by a pre-evaluation process of approximately 60 days.
  3. Submit the SAN pre-approval letter and signed pre-accreditation agreement to SAN accreditation body. These are received upon successful completion of step 2.


If you have additional questions regarding the accreditation process, please contact