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The SAN Climate Module

The implementation of the Sustainable Agriculture Standard has generated positive environmental and social impacts and more rewarding, stable markets for producers.
Farms which meet the standard´s criteria are also taking actions to mitigate their impact on climate change. While there are a number of climate mitigation practices already defined in the SAN standard, the SAN Climate Module was developed to provide a tool for farmers to make a credible, defensible statement that is explicit about climate actions. The SAN Climate Module achieves this through clearly defined criteria that can be consistently applied and verified.

The SAN Climate Module is a specific voluntary set of climate change adaptation and mitigation criteria which reinforces existing certification criteria and provides additional value. Those farmers that achieve compliance with the module are able to:

SAN Climate Module Scope and Rules

The SAN Climate Module Verification Rules provide SAN accredited Certification Bodies (CBs) a single document that summarizes all the important elements (auditor training process, verification rules and approval of external communications regarding verification to the Climate Module) of verification processes of certified farms and group administrators for the SAN Climate Module. Section 3 of this document substitutes the SAN Climate Module Verification Policy, version June 2011.

For inquiries regarding the SAN Climate Module implementation and application, please contact SAN´s Standards & Policy Director,
Oliver Bach.


Development of the SAN Climate Module

From July 2010 to October 2010 a public consultation process was conducted on a SAN Climate Module draft according to the ISEAL Alliance Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards. The public consultation comprised one 100-day round of on-line consultation, local workshops and trial audits. View the
public consultation report and comments received.