About Us


The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) works through a participatory, multi-stakeholder decision making process. This structure enables credible consensus building and encourages democratic, inclusive and transparent discussions. The SAN governance encourages the participation of diverse members ranging from small agricultural producers to agro-industry and civil society organizations.
SAN governing bodies include:

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is made up of all Network members and is the supreme authority of the Sustainable Agriculture Network. It is composed of one representative from each of the member organizations and presents motions to the Board of Directors. All decisions made by this body are considered official with votes of at least 50% of the Assembly’s members. Meetings are held at least once every two years.

The Members

The membership is composed of founding members, full members and associate members. Founding members are those individuals who participated in the constitution of the SAN legal entity. Full members are those who were admitted after the incorporation of the SAN and who have been accepted as full members after a year of associate membership. Associate members are those who are new to the membership and who contribute to the SAN with without voting rights in their first year of membership. Membership can be revoked for any type of member for any of the reasons listed in the organization’s bylaws.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of a maximum of 3 members elected by the Board of Directors. These members are elected by consensus and with a Board majority vote of 67%.  Executive committee members serve 3-year terms.  

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors approves the annual plans, goals and strategies of the organization. The Board of Directors is composed of a maximum of 12 members elected by the General Assembly. Officers include the President, Vice-president, Treasurer and Secretary. Each member should count on the official support of his/her organization. Board members serve 3-year terms and re-election is subject to voting by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors meets at least once per year.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat executes the decisions made by the SAN Board. Its main functions are to administer the daily operations of the SAN, facilitate communication, promote cooperation with existing initiatives, coordinate support activities, and oversee efficient implementation of the policies and processes of the SAN before the Board of Directors.

The International Standards Committee (ISC)

The Sustainable Agriculture Network’s transparency and robustness is reflected in the International Standards Committee (ISC), a group of international experts who provide technical input to the development of SAN standards. The ISC decides on the contents of new and revised SAN standards, additional criteria for new crops and the geographical scope and length of the international public consultation processes on standard drafts. It ensures diverse and updated technical input to SAN’s standard-setting efforts.

The ISC is composed of 12 members from a range of countries. Four of the members must represent the SAN membership. The SAN Board of Directors must approve the ISC membership and each member governs for a term of two years with the possibility of re-election.