Become a Member

The Sustainable Agriculture Network is actively seeking new members, especially in Africa and Asia, where its activities are growing rapidly.  Many environmental and rural development organizations now see that farmers can be key allies and that market forces can be harnessed to conserve biodiversity, protect ecosystems and improve livelihoods.  Some of these NGOs could benefit from membership in the SAN and contribute their local knowledge and experience.  This grassroots support ensures that the SAN’s initiatives are effective, adapted to the local farming conditions.

NGOs interested in SAN membership should send a letter to the SAN Secretariat by writing to
.   If the organization’s experience, programs and mission are compatible with those of the network,, SAN staff will invite the group to apply for membership.

Membership Requirements

Candidate organizations for SAN membership should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be legally established as a non-profit organization for at least five years.
  • Be able to rely on at least 5 people as either paid employees or individuals actively involved in the organization.
  • Have the capability and willingness to participate in the development of standards and other SAN activities either through participation on technical committees, the contirbution of specialized knowledge on relevant topics, or other means.
  • Demonstrate support for the philosophy, mission, goals and objectives of the SAN and the SAN standard.
  • Demonstrate how the organization’s programs and activities contribute to the SAN’s objectives.
  • Be willing to share experiences, information, ideas and training with other SAN members.

Membership Obligations

  • Represent the SAN in a positive way in the organization’s country or region of influence.
  • Participate in the development processes for standards and policies.
  • Attend SAN meetings as appropriate based on meeting topics and SAN initiatives.
  • Assign staff members as points of contacts with the SAN.
  • Abstain from carrying out activities which contradict the SAN’s mission.
  • Support the generation of financial support for the implementation of SAN projects. Members benefit from collective participation, impact and recognition in Network initiatives and projects on the ground.

Official languages

The official languages of The Sustainable Agriculture Network are English and Spanish.  All letters of interest and other formal requests should be submitted in one of these languages.