Membership benefits

The SAN is a mutually supportive network, within which individuals and organizations work with and for each other. The SAN governance structure also encourages the participation of diverse members. Through meaningful participation in network initiatives and activities, SAN membership offers the below benefits and services which nurture the SAN's overall sense of shared purpose. 

  • Ability to participate in a global network of organizations with a collective vision for sustainability and interact with key players in agriculture sustainability activities.
  • Promote the SAN’s sustainable agriculture standards and Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM certification. 
  • Guide the strategic direction of the Network. Full members can participate in SAN governance through the SAN General Assembly or board of directors.
  • Contribute to the development and revision of SAN standards. 
  • Collaborate on the creation of local interpretation guidelines for SAN standards and criteria in order to harmonize local environmental and labor legislation and prescribe conservation actions suitable for local circumstances.
  • Facilitate local and regional public consultation processes with stakeholders and other interested parties to ensure broad input to standards development initiatives.
  • Support technical assitance activities for farmers on the path to sustainability.
  • Share valuable experience and knowledge by participating in SAN committees and work groups. 
  • Assist in the integration of SAN activities so that they can serve as supporting elements for programs with a focus on sustainable development, poverty alleviation, and/or conservation at a local and regional level. 
  • Support the generation of financial support for the implementation of SAN projects. Members benefit from collective participation, impact and recognition in Network initiatives and projects on the ground.