The range of products sourced from farms certified to the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) standards has grown steadily in the past decade and the SAN standards are now applicable to more than one hundred crops.

Since 2001, when the SAN and Rainforest Alliance agreed to launch the Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM green frog seal, international promotion of the seal grew and along with that came increased recognition of certified products backed by the robust SAN standards. In 2003, various large and medium-sized companies started selling Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee in North America, Europe and Asia. By 2006, global retail sales of Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, bananas and chocolate exceeded U.S. $1 billion and there were more than 10,000 certified farms in 15 countries.  In subsequent years, certification has grown steadily and expanded to cover crops as flowers, pineapple and tea. As of 2010, the SAN is working on exciting initiatives in order to develop its standard for the certification of other crops as well as cattle through the SAN Standard for Sustainable Cattle Production Systems.

With the rapid growth of certification demand on a global level, the SAN standards must be continually fine-tuned and adapted to farming and environmental challenges for a broad variety of crops. Through local knowledge and expertise provided by SAN member organizations and stakeholders on the ground, the SAN continually learns about successes and opportunities for improving the standard and exchanging information on its application for the benefit of farms, crop management and ecosystems. This includes, for example, the impacts of climate change and opportunities to further bolster the standard to include criteria for energy efficiency and other climate-friendly practices on farms. Learn more about the SAN Climate Module initiative.

Please visit us again soon in order to learn more about the work that is being done at a local level in world regions to apply and strengthen SAN standard best practices for a variety of crops.